You must be living under the rocks if you have not seen Ladybaby, the latest thing that is currently breaking the Internet.

Ladybaby has no connections to American singer Lady Gaga, but they do have one thing in common: “Cross-dressing”. Lady Gaga once cross-dressed as a man in Japan’s Vogue Hommes and the music video for her hit single, “You And I”. As for Ladybaby, it well, includes a bearded member who’s trying to fit right in the group by cross-dressing as a “kawaii” idol.

Yes, everyone. We are not kidding. Look:


Ladybaby Debut

Some may think what he’s doing is off-putting, but we think he’s pretty awesome, especially when he revealed on his website that he’s a “pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker, and a 24-hour photo opportunity”.

The cross-dresser from Australia, who named himself “Ladybeard”, has been performing in Japan since 2013. During an interview with GirlsWalker, he revealed that he first wore his sister’s school uniform to a costume party at the age of 14. He then told Tokyo Desu that he started cross-dressing again as a wrestler in Hong Kong. He initially moved to the Cantonese-speaking country to pursue a career in kung fu movies. But one day, he decided to wear a dress at his first wrestling match and used the ring name “Ladybeard” (“Wu Sou Lui”). Despite his bad Cantonese and cross-dressing nature, the locals loved him and he went on to become the most popular wrestler in Hong Kong.


But how did he end up in performing in a Japanese heavy-metal pop band?

Well, according to Ladybeard, the CEO of Clearstone, a costumer maker in Japan, got him in for a meeting after seeing him on the cover of Metropolis (Japan’s biggest English-language street magazine). He proposed the idea of putting him in a music group with 2 teenage Japanese girls, namely Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya. Inspired by Baby Metal, they formed “Ladybaby”.

Prior to the release of their first album, they released the music video for their first single, “Nippon Manju” (Japanese Bun). While wearing the costumes by Clearstone, Ladybeard and the girls can be seen singing and dancing along to the track, which mixes Japanese pop music with heavy metal.



We’re not sure how we really feel about this, but one thing for sure: That’s enough Internet for today.

What do you think of Ladybaby? Are you addicted to them already? If you are, well, keep an eye out for the release of their full-length debut disc on 29th July.

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