Cassiopeias (as fans of TVXQ are lovingly known), can you believe it? It’s been 2 years!

Yunho, one half of the duo, will finally be discharged from his mandatory military service on 20th April.

Source: TVXQ Today

He enlisted in July 2015 and has been serving as an active duty soldier for 21 months. The 31-year-old singer was placed in the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division of Yangju, Gyeonggi Province.


Yunho was also named a special class officer after scoring above 90% in different military tests. The test includes categories such as shooting, physical endurance, mental endurance, and combat ability.

Maknae Changmin, who enlisted in 2015, is also expected to be released from the army this coming August.

Before their enlistment, TVXQ released their 8th studio album, which contained solo tracks for both members. Yunho made public a pop dance track “Champagne” while Changmin released “Rise as One”, an EDM track.

Source: soompi

TVXQ made their debut in 2003 with 5 members, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin. After releasing their 1st single “Hug” in 2004, they achieved mainstream success. However, the group was split into 2 in 2009 when Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu terminated their contract.

UPDATE (20th April): 

Cassiopeias, rejoice! Yunho has been released from his mandatory military service.

“It feels complicated, because it feels as if time had stopped, and now it’s starting to tick again. I can confidently say that army life was a lot of fun. It was a time in which I could put down stories being said about U-Know Yunho and grow as the human being, Jung Yunho,” he told the press.

Source: Soompi

Despite poor weather conditions, over 1000 fans turned out to greet the idol back from the army.


When asked about fellow member Changmin, who will be discharged in August, Yunho said to his fans, “Please look forward to the complete TVXQ. This is only the beginning.” 

Besides that, he picked Red Velvet as the girl group who gave him the most strength. “I thought about this a lot, but the people who were the biggest source of strength for me were Red Velvet. They came to visit me often and I was really thankful,” he explained.

Sources: soompi, Twitter.

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