It’s a somber day for TVXQ! fans as the time has come for member Yunho to commence his military training.

First confirmed by the idol himself and then SM Entertainment back in April this year, Yunho will enter the basic 5 weeks of training before carrying out “his service as an active duty soldier for 21 months”. He will enter the training camp in Gyeonggi-do at 2pm today and is due out on 20th April 2017.

TVXQ Rise As God Yunho 2015


According to The Fact, Yunho met up with fellow TVXQ! member Changmin as well as his other friends nearby the SM Entertainment office in Cheongdam-dong.

During the meet, he had apparently told Changmin:

I will return after performing my military duties diligently. You too!

Rumour has it that Changmin had initially wanted to be enlisted at around the same time as Yunho just so that they can both quickly get it done and meet fans again as a complete TVXQ! According to The Fact’s source, Yunho knows this and is very grateful to Changmin.

Changmin is also expected to enlist this year.

We’ll leave you now with a gift from Yunho, a newly released solo track titled, “Champagne”:

Goodbye, Yunho. Train and serve well, and come back soon!


UPDATE (23rd July, 6pm):

Actor Son Ho Joon was present at Yunho’s enlistment ceremony, where he reportedly shed tears as his friend officially left for training. The actor also shared a selfie with Yunho, one that showed the idol’s short military-style haircut.

Check it out:


He looks good though, no? 🙂

Sources: The FactKoreaboo, Soompi.

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