Yesterday (Wednesday, 15th March), a pickpocket victim named Elaine Lai took to Facebook to post up a status detailing how her phone was stolen while she was shopping at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.

She also posted several CCTV screenshots and footages of the incident.

Source: Elaines Lai’s Facebook Page

According to the post, Elaine was browsing through a rack of clothes alone in a fashion boutique when the incident happened. A few minutes later, she realised her phone, which was in a bag that she was carrying, was stolen. She also mentioned that another customer lost her phone as well.


After checking the CCTV, the victims found out that their phones were looted by a woman who is wearing a black shirt and a grey tudung (see picture above). Elaine also pointed out that the other tudung-clad woman in the shop is the pickpocket’s accomplice.

See Elaine’s full post and the CCTV videos below:

(P/s: Elaine is the victim in the 2nd video.)

Upon reading Elaine’s post, many netizens shared Elaine’s videos to their friends, warning them about pickpockets in shopping malls. One Facebook user named Taw said that she encountered the same situation before. She commented, “My phone was stolen there (Sunway Pyramid) too! So annoying!”

However, one netizen named Lee commented that the victim’s carelessness is the cause of the theft, adding, “You know our country is not safe, plenty of thieves around but still want to make stupid mistakes.”

Source: Asia One

We’d like to remind our readers to be careful with their belongings because theft can happen at anytime, anywhere.

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