It looks like Line Clear has taken yet another hit to their business.

According to multiple news outlets, the Penang Health Department has issued an order for the popular Penang nasi kandar outlet to close for 2 weeks after rat droppings were found in the kitchen following an inspection.


The department’s officers carried out the inspection with the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) that started this morning (Monday, 13th March 2017) and ended at 1pm. City councillor Ong Ah Teong said that they inspected 3 restaurants and took action under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 for their failure to meet hygiene criteria for restaurants.


MMO quoted Ong Ah Teong as saying, “We found live and dead rats in the premises, along with cockroaches, so they have been ordered to shut down to clean up their premises by the Health Department.”

Ong added that Line Clear is allowed to open until 8pm today.

Line Clear wasn’t the only one affected by the order as the council also took action against 2 other eateries on Penang Road that were found to be unhygienic. Yasmeen restaurant, which is located beside Line Clear, was also told to temporarily shut down to clean up their premises. Both Line Clear and Yasmeen restaurant have been given at least a week to clean up their premises before they can apply for a second inspection and appeal to be allowed to open for business again.


However, no order for closure was given to Sup Hameed, which was also found to be operating in dirty conditions. Instead, Sup Hameed was slapped with a RM1,000 compound fine.

Sources: The Star Online, MMO.

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