Eric Nam and Jeon Somi’s surprise collaboration has been released!

The pair first announced their collaboration around a week ago, and shortly after that, revealed the name of the track to be “You, Who?”.

Source: Eric Nam’s Facebook Page

“You, Who” is the first track off Eric Nam’s spring project name “Spring Note”, with subsequent tracks planned to be released in spring. “Spring Note” also signifies both “a notebook for memories” and “a musical note in spring”.


The collaboration is composed by Eric Nam himself and tells the story of a couple who just started dating. In the teaser images, both artistes can be seen tied together by the “red string of fate”, and unsurprisingly, the music video portrays them as a couple.

The pair looked shy at the beginning of the video, but soon begins to warm up to each others’ presence. They dance, sing, and even mimic each others’ actions! Although it’s Eric Nam and Jeon Somi’s first collaboration, they looked extremely comfortable with each other.

Watch the cute music video here:

For more info, visit Eric Nam’s official Instagram and Facebook page. You can also keep yourself updated with Somi’s whereabouts through her Instagram.

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