If you thought your bachelorette bash was bad, we’re pretty sure this upcoming film is going to hit it out of the park for you – think “Bridesmaids” meets “Very Bad Things”.

Scarlett Johansson and her all star cast of party ladies are featured in Sony Pictures’ R-rated comedy, “Rough Night”. The newly-released red band trailer promised to tick off all the naughty box list and does so by dropping a slew of f-bombs.

Rough Night
Source: Columbia Pictures via Daily Mail

Directed by Lucia Aniello, “Rough Night” stars Johansson as the bride to be Jess, who meets up with her 4 closest college gal pals to celebrate her lasts days as a single woman. Having gone their separate ways, the ladies are determined to make this getaway a memorable one.


Said friends are Jillian Bell (who’s character, Alice, assures Jess that they are “going to be slimming in dick girl”), Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz, and Ilana Glazer. It’s exactly the kind of ladies night shenanigans one would expect from a bachelorette party: penis crowns, sashes, cocaine, and lots of drinks.

Rough Night
Source: Columbia Pictures via Daily Mail

However, things start to go south fast when they hired a male stripper to entertain them. All appears well as the hunky stripper rips his shirt off and grinds against Jess. But when an overly excited Alice decides to launch on the stripper, they both fall to the ground. The man dies instantly as a result from hitting his head.

Instead of calling the police, the ladies decide to stash the corpse away and come up with a scheme to cover up their unintended crime. What follows next are guns, explosions, car chases and jet ski crashes. It’s suffice to say that they are in a hot mess!

Rough Night
Source: You Tube

It’s a movie about friendships. It was really more about honing in on our experience of having friendships from high school and college that have evolved and maybe gotten a little bit distant and what does it feel like when you reconnect with those people? Are people excited to be reunited? Are they resentful? What is that experience like?” said Aniello.

It was beyond our wildest dreams in terms of how much chemistry (the cast) had — it was off the charts. A lot of them already knew each other from socially or just working together in the past, so … you really felt like they had been friends forever,” the filmmaker added.

Watch the NSFW trailer below:

While a movie about bachelorette parties is nothing new, “Rough Night” does look like it could be genuinely funny.

The dark comedy is slated for release on 16th June 2017.

Sources: Daily Mail, Collider.

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