After Pyongyang ordered the expulsion of the Malaysian ambassador to North Korea, staff at the Malaysian embassy were spotted initiating “emergency procedures”.

They were reportedly seen burning documents and loading luggage into vehicles, reported a Chinese news media.

Source: The Star Online.

After North Korea made the announcement at around 6pm yesterday (Monday, 6th March), workers scuttled to carry out the procedure.


China’s CCTV 13 also reported that the Jalur Gemilang and Asean flag at the embassy were flying at half-mast this morning (Tuesday, 7th March). 3 vehicles were also spotted leaving the compound.

After North Korean ambassador Kang Chol was ordered expelled for his disparaging remarks on Malaysia, North Korea retaliated by denouncing the Malaysia ambassador as persona non grata (person not appreciated). They ordered Mohamad Nizan Mohamad to leave the country, but he and his envoy were already recalled to Kuala Lumpur for consultation on 22nd February.

Source: Outside The Beltway

In the most recent development, North Korea has banned all Malaysian citizens from leaving the republic. This was followed by Malaysia’s decision to bar all North Korean embassy staff and officials from leaving the country.

NST has also attempted to obtain more details on the situation at the Malaysian embassy in Pyongyang. However, when contacted, a person, presumably a staff, sounded frightened and was hesitant to talk. She did not reveal her identity and explained that she wasn’t authorised to talk.

Sources: The Star Online, NST.

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