Kiss Mes (as fans of U-KISS are lovingly known), we hate to break this to you, but another member is leaving U-KISS.

This time, it’s Kevin, who has made a name for himself through his work as a variety show host. The group’s label announced his departure via a fan cafe post today (Thursday, 2nd March).

Source: U-KISS’s Facebook Page

Kevin will be leaving after his contract ends to pursue his dreams, which are on a different path as U-KISS’. Although his contract does not expire until a month later, the company wanted to inform fans earlier.


Before his contract ends, the group will be holding their last fan meeting in Korea and Japan as 6 members. After March, U-KISS will be re-organised as a 5-member group. They are expected to churn out an album this year and have various schedules within South Korea.

The company has also asked fans to support Kevin in his future activities.

Source: U-KISS’s Facebook Page

The official statement from NHemg (also known as NH Media) is as follows:

Hello. This is NHemg. Our agency artist and U-KISS member, Kevin, will have his contract with NHemg end in March 2017. While there is a month left, we wanted to tell fans first, so we are posting this notice to inform you earlier.

First, we’re sorry to inform you of this regrettable news to you fans who are always supportive. Kevin will be going on a different path to pursue his dreams which we and the members have decided to respect.

(Kevin) debuted through U-KISS in 2008 and has been faithful and reliable as a member for 9 years from the beginning to now. Since this was a decision that should be made carefully, after a long time of thinking and discussions, we have decided to respect Kevin’s wishes. Thus Kevin will be leaving U-KISS and his contract will end.

We will hold a last meeting for fans with U-KISS as a 6-member group in Korea and Japan. We ask that many people attend in order to support U-KISS and Kevin. We are making preparations to reorganize U-KISS as a 5-member group in order for the group to shine in front of fans. We also plan on releasing a new album this year and have domestic schedules.

We sincerely apologize for making fans worry due to relaying this news later due to making a careful choice for this important plan. Lastly, we ask that fans support U-KISS members and Kevin.

Source: U-KISS’s Facebook Page

He is the 5th member to leave the idol group after the group’s debut in 2008. In 2011, Alexander and Kibum left the group and was replaced by AJ and Hoon. This was followed by the departure of Dongho, who cited health and personal reasons. Late last year, AJ left the group after his contract expired.

Source: soompi.

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