2PM’s Jun.K has met with an unfortunate incident.

During 2PM’s concert “6Nights”, which was held yesterday (Sunday, 26th February) night, Jun.K suffered a fall from a platform which resulted in several fractures on his hand.

Source: 2PM’s Facebook Page

Jun.K was allegedly standing in the middle of 2 platforms when the incident happened. Fans who were at the concert claimed that there was a signalling issue with the staff, which resulted in Jun.K walking to the middle of the platform although the stages were moving. The gap between the stages grew and the singer lost his balance, falling headfirst to the ground.


This incident happened just as the group was about to perform their hit track “Hands Up”. The concert was immediately halted and fans were promised a refund.

No footage of the incident has surfaced as security was extremely tight at the venue. The incident also happened without warning, and the members as well as fans were only alerted of the situation moments later.

Source: Instagram

After the incident, JYP Entertainment released a statement clarifying the situation. They explained that Jun.K’s right elbow and 4th finger on his right hand have been fractured. He is still resting and the company will be updating fans in the near future.

The full statement reads:

This is JYP Entertainment. Jun.K was immediately transferred to the hospital and received a thorough examination. The examination results showed that he has suffered from fractures in his right elbow and also in the 4th finger on his right hand. He will undergo the appropriate medical treatment and is now resting and being observed from the staff members. We sincerely apologize for not guaranteeing the safety of our artist and we apologize to our artist and all the fans. We will give an update on his health in the near future.”

A blurry photo of the alleged incident. The figure in the middle of the photo is allegedly Jun.K. (Source: Instagram)

“6Nights” was supposed to be 2PM’s last concert before the members enlist and was scheduled to run for 6 days. It kicked off on 24th February in Seoul and yesterday was the 3rd show. 3 more additional shows were supposed to be held on 3rd to 5th March, but with the current situation, it is unsure if the show will still go on.

We hope that there’s no further injury and that he gets well soon!

Sources: Instagram, allkpop.

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