Heads up, Inspirits (as INFINITE’s fans are lovingly known)!

Rumour has it that INFINITE‘s Dongwoo is in a relationship. According to Kpop Viral, a netizen claimed that the 27-year-old rapper was “being flirty” and “having a date” with a girl in a restaurant.

Source: Kpop Viral

The netizen also shared a photo of the alleged “date” on social media. In the blurry photo, a girl is seen putting her legs on the lap of a man who resembles Dongwoo. Although the photo isn’t clear, many fans are convinced that the man is indeed the idol and have since flooded him with congratulatory messages.


One Twitter user wrote, “If Dongwoo is really dating, I am happy for him. He is already 28 this year. He deserves to have one. Our happy pill needs happy pill too.”

Jang Dongwoo (장동우) made his debut as a member of Woolim Entertainment’s idol boy group INFINITE in June 2010. Prior to that, he was trained under JYP Entertainment for several years and has performed as a back-up dancer for Epik High’s “Run” alongside fellow member Hoya.

In September 2012, Dongwoo and Hoya formed the group’s first sub-unit called INFINITE H. Their first EP (extended play), titled “Fly High”, was released in January 2013. The duo mainly focuses on their rap and performance abilities. Aside from group activities, he released his first self-produces song, titled “Embedded in Mind” featuring Yoo So Yoon, for a webtoon last year.

Source: Pinterest

What do you think of the rumour? Do you think Dongwoo is in a relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Kpop Viral/ Featured image: Pinterest/ Kpop Viral.

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