All you Kim Jong Kook fans out there, be excited because you’re breathing the same air as your favourite star!

The “Running Man” star is currently in Malaysia and has been spotted by fans at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KLCC.

kim jong kook
Source: Running Man Team

He arrived via Malaysian Airlines at 4:45pm with his mother and manager. He was immediately hounded by fans, who somehow got wind of his arrival although it was not publicised. However, the kindhearted celebrity repeatedly asked fans who were in the crowd to be careful as they might fall.


A fan who saw him at a restaurant also said that he’ll be in the country until Saturday (25th February), though for what, we don’t know. Some fans are speculating that he’s here for a private event, while others are saying that he’s here to film a program with other Korean artistes.

Another fan snapped a photo of him having breakfast, with the comments indicating that the restaurant might be in Port Dickson.

No matter what’s he’s here for, we hope that fans remain respectful of his private space. You don’t wanna scare him away, right? 😉

Sources: Facebook (1) (2), Instagram.

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