The alleged Facebook of the Vietnamese suspect in Kim Jong Nam’s murder case has surfaced.

The suspect, named Doan Thi Huong, reportedly has 3 Facebook accounts, and all of them have been found. They are all still active accounts, with one named as “Ring Ring”, the other as “Ruby Ruby”, and the last one as “Bella Tron Tron Bella”.

Source: Ruby Ruby’s Facebook Page

The activity wall of “Ring Ring” is void of any public activity. When we visited the profile, all we could see was a profile photo updated on 1st February. Even then, the photo showed only the shoulder and chest of a woman.


Meanwhile, “Ruby Ruby”‘s profile gave us more insights on the suspect. A quick scan of the account showed Doan to be an active user, with almost weekly updates. Her last activity was on 11th February from Kampung Besut, when she updated a photo of herself with the caption, “I want to sleep more but by your side.

Further checks showed similar posts, as Doan frequently posted selfies along with short messages.

Source: Ruby Ruby’s Facebook Page

In a post dated 9th February, she was also seen wearing what appeared to be the infamous “LOL” shirt under some overalls. It was posted along with several photos of food and the caption, “Life is food/ I can eat very much ^^ And I can eat uㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My boy.

Note: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is used to indicate laughter in Korean.

She was also an avid traveller, having travelled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and back to Hanoi, Vietnam, just recently. She was believed to have set foot in Malaysia in February.

While going through her friends list, it was revealed that 27 out of her 65 friends have Korean names. Her amount of friends have since dropped to 54, but majority of them are still males.

The 3rd account, which goes by the name of “Bella Tron Tron Bella” (Chubby Bella), contained a link to a singing talent show “Vietnam Idol”. The contestant, which had the number 67816, bears a striking similarity to Doan.


Another video, which was found on YouTube, showed a woman who looks similar to the suspect broadcasting a live video on the popular live streaming app BIGO LIVE.


South Korean intelligence officials have also suspected Doan to be a “lizard’s tail”, which is a “hired asset that can be cast off after an operation with little to no consequence” to the real perpetrators.

Malaysian police have also revealed whatever information they could about the suspect. She was said to have worked in an entertainment outlet, but the name of the company and Doan’s immigration status wasn’t made public. According to Reuters, facial recognition tools also matched Doan’s face to photos.

The suspect’s brother, Joseph Doan, told Reuters that his sister was born in the Nam Dinh province, southeast of Hanoi, Vietnam, in 1988. This information was in line with the details provided by Malaysian police. He explained that the suspect looks like her sister from photos, but he can’t be 100% sure as he hadn’t met her yet.

He also stated that his sister left home when she was 18 and returned home whenever it pleased her. Family members were unsure of her whereabouts and thought that she was working in Hanoi.

Doan was detained by Malaysian police to aid in the investigations after she was spotted on CCTV footage from the airport, where the assassination happened. She was arrested at KLIA2 as she was attempting to catch a flight back to Vietnam.

Sources: NextShark, The Star Online, Facebook (1) (2).

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