When one of K-Pop’s most beloved girl group announced their disbandment, fans were understandably heart broken.

Sohee, who was one of the group’s most popular member, has spoken up about the disbandment and her feelings about it. She also revealed that she’s on good terms with her former members and they do keep in touch.

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The Wonder Girls group mates were in attendance for Sohee’s latest movie screening, “Single Rider” yesterday (Tuesday, 21st February). When asked about their relationship, the actress answer, “I greeted the members in the waiting room, and got choked up. I almost cried. I was thankful they came. It was a production I’d wanted to show them, so I was thankful when they talked about it positively.


She had to pause for a short while before continuing:

“Because (the Wonder Girls) members and I talk so often, I knew about their disbandment beforehand. For me, I was more affected when I left the group to pursue a career as an actress, more than the disbandment. I wish the members will do even better after the disbandment.

Aww, it’s sweet to see that the girls are still close to each other even after their disbandment! Although they will not get to promote together anymore, it sure warms the heart to think that they still remain supportive of each others’ individual endeavours.

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Sohee made her debut with Wonder Girls in 2007, but left JYP Entertainment and Wonder Girls in 2013 to pursue her acting career. Her most prominent work so far has been last year’s zombie movie “Train To Busan”.

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