It came as a shock to all Angels (as fans of TEEN TOP are lovingly known) when it was reported that L.Joe would be leaving the idol group. The news reports surfaced yesterday (Thursday, 9th February) and was confirmed by the former member himself.

Despite the termination of contract with T.O.P Media, the label still wishes for L.Joe to participate in TEEN TOP’s upcoming album. However, the artiste has refused the request.

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Source: WordPress

The company also revealed that L.Joe has participated in the earlier recording for the album, but due to his nullification of the contract, there are some issues and obstacles to overcome.


T.O.P Media’s full statement read:

The 5 TEEN TOP members (C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo) have all renewed their contracts with T.O.P Media. The (remaining) 5 members all renewed their contracts in December 2016.

TEEN TOP is busy preparing for their March album and was preparing to record their songs (when he filed for the termination). His contract is still active and the members and the company both wish for the March album to consist of all 6 members.

Source: TEEN TOP's Facebook
Source: TEEN TOP’s Facebook

Shortly after that, T.O.P Media released a 2nd statement informing fans that L.Joe has stood his ground and will not be joining in the recording for the group’s yet-to-be released album.

It read:

Although the company has requested that he partake in TEEN TOP’s activity for the 10 month remainder of his contract (until 10th January 2018), he has refused to do so. L.Joe through his announcement demanding his contract be nullified, stated that he will no longer participate in any activities.

The company, along with the remaining members of the group, wish that TEEN TOP could be a group that lasts for a very long time.

This TEEN TOP come back album is their 1st official album after over a year of break and the members are trying to come together to work hard once again. L.Joe has finished his initial recording with the members but has since then filed for a nullification of his contract and stated that he will no longer participate.


We (the company and the 5 members) hope that he could continue to be active as a part of TEEN TOP for the remainder of his contract.

Source: TEEN TOP's Facebook
Source: TEEN TOP’s Facebook

Fans first noticed that something wasn’t right when L.Joe mass deleted all of his selfies on Instagram, removed the word “TeenTop” from his Instagram handle, unfollowed his former members, and changed his account to private. TEEN TOP also attended this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships without the rapper, and no official reason was given for his absence.

The idol’s contract was slated to expire on January 2018, but he has announced that he’ll be filing a lawsuit against T.O.P Media in order to lawfully terminate his contract. L.Joe has accused the label of obstructing his solo activities, and alleged that the company “abused their power and created mistrust that has been shattered beyond recovery”.

Fans are of course heartbroken, but we wish L.Joe and TEEN TOP good luck in all of their future endeavours.

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