Are you ready for the Chizza?

In case you’re wondering, it’s a mash of pizza and chicken – 2 food which are commonly loved by people from all around the world. A recent Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) ad announcing the arrival of the fan favourite is going viral and has caused netizens to go into a frenzy.

Source: KFC Singapore
Source: KFC Singapore

A photo of the delectable offering was posted on Facebook just yesterday (Tuesday, 7th February), along with the caption, “The legendary #KFCChizza has FINALLY arrived in Singapore!!! Who’s excited? #UltimateMashup,” and it has already amassed more than 52,000 likes and 85,000 shares as of time of writing.


The post also garnered lots of attention from worldwide readers, but unfortunately, the food item, described as “all chicken, no crust“, is currently only available in Singapore.

Source: KFC Singapore
Source: KFC Singapore

KFC Singapore’s website also has a dedicated page for the Chizza, and it features a very detailed and expressive description of the new menu.

It reads:

100% chicken fillet, marinated, perfectly seasoned and cooked to a glorious gold, then layered with delicious pizza toppings such as pizza sauce, chicken ham, pineapple chunks, mozzarella and topped with signature KFC cheese sauce. All this goodness baked to perfection.

We have to say, the mere mention of “mozzarella” and “chicken ham” made us salivate.

Maybe after all that, you’re still not convinced that pizza and chicken are the best combination yet? Well, we dare you to watch this video and not change your mind:

The Chizza has also been introduced in other countries such as The Philippines, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.


Oh man, we really, really hope that it will reach our shores too!

For more information, visit KFC Singapore’s website.

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