“Attack on Titan” (進撃の巨人, pronounced as “Shingeki no Kyojin”) is coming back in 2 months!

On Tuesday (6th February), Funimation announced that the widely popular anime will premiere on 1st April! And that’s not all, the anime studio also dropped a new promo photo and season 2’s official plot.

Source: IGN
Source: IGN

The synopsis is as follows:


“Eren Jaeger swore to wipe out every last Titan, but in a battle for his life he wound up becoming the thing he hates most. With his new powers, he fights for humanity’s freedom facing the monsters that threaten his home. After a bittersweet victory against the Female Titan, Eren finds no time to rest—a horde of Titans is approaching Wall Rose and the battle for humanity continues!”

Last December, fans were treated to a trailer that introduced a new Titan – the Beast Titan. In the comics, the Beast Titan is a hairy ape-like Titan who is a Titan shifter like Eren. His real identity is Zeke Yeager, Eren’s half brother who is the Warchief of the Eldian warriors serving the Marley government.


Hajime Isayama launched “Attack on Titan” in 2009 through Kodansha’s “Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine” and as of April 2016, it has been collected into 19 volumes. The manga was also adapted into a 2-part live-action movie in 2015.

Season 2 will be released in Japan on 1st April.

For more information, visit the anime’s official website.

Sources: IGN, Polygon, Screen Rant.

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