We’ve all been there and done that – posting up something on social media and desperately hoping that it’d be communicated across as funny or witty can be a challenge. For some of us who work in/with the virtual space, that challenge is a norm. Day in, day out.

However, Singapore’s national newspaper may have just hired the right person (intern?) or team to do it.

Straits Times Weather
Source: @STcom

The Straits Times’ Twitter account, @STcom, has been dropping weather updates with a twist in the recent weeks – peppered with pop culture references and the odd joke/pun or two, some funnier than others but definitely getting more interesting with each update.


Heck, it offers advice that’s pure gold when you least expect it:

They even dish out answers to age-old riddles like geniuses:


This is the epitome of “the best of both worlds” right here:

What’s that? You ran out of rainy day puns/riddles? Sing:

Because sometimes it’s just good to know:

Of course, the response (retweets and likes) has gone through the roof. More importantly, Twitterverse has gone cray cray with enquiries as people are now storming @STcom and asking them to please “hire the intern”.

“If this is an intern managing traffic and weather, please hire him full time,” one user said. “I look forward to these updates every morning,” another tweeted. Let’s not forget, WHO IS THIS PERSON WE NEED TO KEEP THEM ON ST’S TWITTER FOREVER.

Hey, we’re not complaining either because what a way to draw attention to otherwise mundane weather report updates, Rihanna-channeling and all!

It is not known, however, if there is an intern that is one with The Force behind the hilarious tweets. But if it is in fact an intern, then we would like to take a look at his/her Twitter feed too please 😀

Meanwhile, it is without a doubt that the Singapore Air Force, @TheRSAF, wanted in on the social media fun:

Sources: STcom, TheRSAF.

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