Block B is back.

After teasing fans for about a week, the idol group’s highly anticipated special track, “Yesterday”, is finally here. The digital single was dropped at midnight today (Monday, 6th February), alongside a music video.

Source: Naver
Source: Naver

Described as an alternative funk style track with a shuffle rhythm, the catchy lyrics tells the story of a man who feels insecure about his girlfriend, who has a flirtatious nature and hardly replies his messages.


With its strong intro and heavy beats, the track caught our attention as soon as it started. Shot in bright colours, the music video shows Block B’s witty and derpy side. The 3-minute video sees the members investigating their respective girlfriend, who they suspect is up to no good.

Source: Naver
Source: Naver

Several South Korean media outlets initially dubbed the track as a fan song, specifically released for the boy group’s upcoming fan meeting, but member Park Kyung, who wrote the song, stepped up to clarify matters.

He said, “It’s a song that I’ve worked hard to create, so I’m upset that it’s being seen as though it’s an event song made just for the fan meeting. Of course, while I was making it I was excited about having our fans listen to it, so it could be seen as a ‘fan song’ in that way, but still! It’s a super exciting song, so I think you can look forward to it!

Regardless of whether it’s a fan song or not, it’s one catchy tune!

The music video also contains a twist, so remember to watch til the end 😉


For more info, visit Block B’s official website and Facebook page.


Source: soompi (1) (2).

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