While “Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin is still hard at work trying to complete the next instalment of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, fans can expect a new book to be released before the year ends.

The short story, titled “The Songs of the Dragon”, will be a part of the fantasy anthology series, “The Book of Swords”.

Source: HBO

Set in the George R. R. Martin-created Westeros universe, the tale will focus on the Targaryen family history, chronicling the reigns of the 2nd and 3rd Targaryen kings, Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel. As the former ruling dynasty of Westeros, both kings reigned centuries prior to the main storyline of “Game of Thrones”, way before the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, came on the scene.


Aenys I is described as being a dreamer, alchemist and womaniser who flees the throne in the midst of a religious uprising, spawned from the populace’s disgust at his having arranged the marriage of his son and daughter to one another. His half-brother, Maegor, inherits the throne and embarks on a series of brutal acts of revenge on those who question his right to rule, using torture, execution and his enormous dragon to keep would-be dissenters in line.

“The Songs of the Dragon” will also explore “their mothers, wives, sisters, children, friends, enemies, and rivals” during their time in power, and perhaps shed more light on the incestuous family.

Source: HBO

In his blog, George R. R. Martin wrote, “Those of you who enjoyed ‘The Princess and the Queen’ in DANGEROUS WOMEN and ‘The Rogue Prince’ in ROGUES will probably like this one too. It’s water from the same well. A history rather than a traditional narrative. A lot of telling, only a little showing. (The opposite of what I do in my novels). But if you’re fascinated by the politics of Westeros, as many of my readers seem to be, you should enjoy it.”

“The Book of Swords” will mark George R. R. Martin’s 3rd standalone history about Westeros and is scheduled for release on 10th October in hardcover and e-book.

Sources: George RR MartinThe Guardian.

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