Here we go again, guys.

According to the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia, petrol (RON95 and RON97) and diesel prices will go up by 20 sen and 10 sen respectively.

petrol price


Starting tomorrow (1st February, Wednesday), RON95 will be priced at RM2.30 per litre (up 20 sen from RM2.10 per litre) and RON97 at RM2.60 per litre (up 20 sen from RM2.40 per litre). The price for diesel has also been adjusted to RM2.25 per litre (up 10 sen from RM2.15 per litre).

Since 1st December 2014, Malaysia’s petrol and diesel prices have been managed on a float system following the removal of fuel subsidies due to falling global fuel prices. The managed float system is based on the monthly average world price of crude oil.

Sources: The Star, autofreaks.

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