The headline of Malaysian blogger Fourfeetnine’s latest post reads, “Malaysia Airlines lies and cheats: How MAS ruined our Chinese New Year”.

Her post, which was posted on Thursday (26th January), details her customer service experience with MAS when she tried to check in for her flight to Penang at the Business class counter. As her flight, which was scheduled to depart at 11:15am, was overbooked, the airlines put her and her family (which consists of her husband, a toddler, and a baby) on a replacement flight at 4pm.

Source: Says
Source: Says

This means that they were kicked out of their flight even though they were on time. They arrived an hour and a half before flight time, to be exact. Just in case you forgot, check-in and baggage drop-off counters close 60 minutes before departure.


She pointed out that the ground staff printed out their boarding passes and checked them in for the 4pm flight even after they asked for a cancellation.

“Although Fatty (her husband) told the staff to cancel our tickets and give us a refund, she printed out boarding passes for the 4pm flight anyway before hustling us to the duty manager.  In the haste, I just took the passes together with our ICs and passports and it didn’t occur to me until now that she effectively checked us in. EVEN THOUGH WE SAID TO CANCEL. So it becomes our fault now that we did not take the flight,” wrote the blogger, adding that they chose to drive to Penang instead of waiting in the airport for hours.

Click here to read her full post. (Warning: It’s going to be a long read.)


Fourfeetnine’s article, which was shared over 7,200 times on Facebook, has received a mixed response from netizens. While a majority of them agreed with her, some came forward to call her ignorant.

“I fly over 100,000 air miles with MAS each year, they aren’t the best airline in the world but they certainly aren’t the worst. I support them because they deserve to be supported not beaten up by ignorant people who want to complain about events that result from their own stupidity and because they ignored the airline guidelines,” said one user.

Meanwhile, many shared their bad customer service experience with MAS in the comments section. For example:

Source: Fourfeetnine's Blog
Source: Fourfeetnine’s Blog

What do y’all think about the whole incident? Which side are you on? Fourfeetnine or MAS? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Fourfeetnine’s Blog /  Featured image: Fourfeetnine.

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