The WINNER members have been fairly active in variety shows nowadays, with rapper Mino being casted as a regular member of the show “New Journey To The West” and leader Kang Seung Yoon joining “Flower Crew” as a cast member.

However, it seems like they could have overworked themselves as Kang was just admitted into the hospital yesterday (Tuesday, 24th January).

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

A source from YG Entertainment revealed the news, saying, “While filming for SBS’ ‘Flower Crew’, Kang Seung Yoon showed symptoms of a high fever. It was determined that he would be unable to continue filming, so he was taken to the emergency room.”


Another source from the broadcasting channel also confirmed the news, and explained that he was admitted for stress-induced gastritis. The other members has filmed without him and he will only be joining the broadcast for the following episode.

The insider continued:

Since evening 2 days ago (Monday, 23rd January), Kang Seung Yoon has been experiencing stomachaches. Ultimately, he followed the producers’ recommendations and went to the hospital in the morning. He’s currently in the process of leaving the hospital.

Source: Kang Seung Yoon's Instagram
Source: Kang Seung Yoon’s Instagram

The news was only made public earlier today, but the the singer has taken to Instagram to assure fans that he’s currently feeling fine, and has been released from the hospital. He uploaded a selfie of himself along with the caption, “Discharged from the hospital! Don’t worry I’m good!

We hope you get well soon, leader Kang! 🙂

Sources: soompi, allkpop.

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