Fans of Hello Kitty, rejoice ūüôā

You are now one step closer to achieving your Hello Kitty goals for Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour has graciously enabled you.

Last week, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour officially launched 12 distinct Hello Kitty themed rooms, the first of its kind within the Southeast Asian region. The rooms revolve around 3 impossibly cute themes based on the swashbuckling Sailor, the romantic Pink Series, and the magical Hello Kitty in OZ.

  • Sailor Hello Kitty – Embark on a memorable journey with the Admiral Redbow, The Sailboat, Kitty Jones’ Adventure, or Captain Kitty’s Cabin.
  • Pink Series – All sugar, spice, and everything nice! Pink lovers can choose from Pink Surprise, Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum, The Boudoir, and Ice Cream-dulgence for a delightful rosy getaway.
  • Hello Kitty in OZ – Inspired by “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” tale, Emerald City, Lost Chapter, Tin Cottage, and Munckin Village will transport guests to a magical space where Hello Kitty takes on the mantle as the Great Wizard of Oz.

We were invited to Johor Bahru for an exclusive first look at the rooms and dare we say, it’s hard to not fall head over heels in love with them!

Here are a couple of things in particular that piqued our interest:

1. It is 100% legit Hello Kitty business!

Ultra sweet Ice Cream-dulgence room from the “sugar, spice, & everything nice” Pink Series

Not only does each room feature a unique identity complete with colourful illustrations (decals, wallpapers) to suit different moods and preferences, every single one was also designed in partnership with Sanrio. Yup, it’s legit.

2. Not at all sloppy

Hello Kitty Hotel Jen 6
The keycard design for Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour’s Hello Kitty themed rooms

Sanrio and Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour have evidently put a lot of thought into the nitty gritty because the attention to detail is top notch right down to the keycard, stuffed toys, figurines, clocks, and printed pillows.

3. Even the room plaques are super cute

Hello Kitty’s signature purple hat to represent the Hello Kitty in OZ rooms

The room’s number is “marked” with Hello Kitty’s signature bow and each signage represents the theme of the room e.g. the Pink Series room displays a bow, the¬†Hello Kitty in OZ room displays the signature purple hat, etc.

4. Ahoy, nautical-obsessed Hello Kitty fans!

Hello Kitty Hotel Jen 7
Unlike most cats, Hello Kitty likes to take to the water sometimes

Here’s a little something for those who love being one with water. Each Sailor Hello Kitty themed room is painted a cool blue, complete with nautical-inspired details and best of all, it faces the tranquil Puteri Harbour.

5. A surprise bag of goodies awaits guests

What’s in the goodie bag? Wouldn’t you like to know?

The rooms also come with eye-catching Hello Kitty in-room amenities including stationery and embroidered towels and bathrobes. Guests will also be greeted by a specially packed goodie bag in the room upon check-in.

6. Hello Kitty all day errday

You may have to resist nicking things like these

It’s Hello Kitty awesomeness all in one location! With Sanrio Hello Kitty Town¬†(the first Sanrio Hello Kitty Town theme park outside of Japan) and Hello Kitty Red Bow Cafe situated right next to Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, it is the perfect destination for fans of the global pop icon.

7. More Hello Kitty themed rooms to come?

The darker & cosier Munchkin Village room for the lowkey Hello Kitty fans

During the press conference at the launch, we were told that Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour may or may not add more rooms in the future, depending on the interest and demand from fans ūüėČ

Interested? The Hello Kitty themed rooms are available in 2 room categories – Deluxe and Premier. The Premier room selections are suites equipped with themed bunk beds adjoining to a master bedroom, perfect for families with young children.

Rates start from RM800++ per room per night.

For more information, hit up Hotel Jen’s website or Facebook page.

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