Ew… Would you still have the appetite to continue eating after discovering that your food has been contaminated with some extra “ingredients”?

A Malaysian couple had the misfortune of finding a snail and cockroach in their noodles while dining at a pan mee eatery located at Bandar Puchong Jaya on Sunday (1st January).


Facebook user Kelly L Pui Yee took to her social media account to vent about her bad experience. “I don’t usually complain but this is really unacceptable,” she began her post. During their most recent trip to Hahasiu Pan Mee (哈哈笑板面店), Kelly’s boyfriend discovered a small snail in his traditional pan mee.

To her horror, Kelly also found a dead cockroach in her pan mee soup while eating her meal. Unhappy with the situation, Kelly requested to see the restaurant’s lady boss. Instead of apologising, the lady boss only replied with a mere “aiyo” and took the bowl away.

Although the staff on duty replaced it with anther bowl of pan mee, Kelly shared that she had already lost appetite. Disappointed, Kelly ended her Facebook post with a “thumbs down” for the restaurant and vowed never to return despite finding the eatery’s price reasonable.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.02.08 PM
Source: Kelly L Pui Yee

To their credit, Hahasiu Pan Mee Puchong has issued an official apology to Kelly, explaining the appearance of the snail and cockroach in their pan mee. The restaurant also gave the assurance that they will be taking extra steps in preventing this incident from happening again.

Source/Featured image: Kelly L Pui Yee’s Facebook.

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