When you think of Magnum Ice Cream, it’s almost impossible to not immediately think of its premium and decadence.

Supremely sumptuous and luxurious in taste, Magnum Ice Cream is unarguably one of the best ice creams in the world. It aims to provide Pleasure Seeker around the globe with the most decadent chocolate indulgence.

In line with this vision, Magnum is pleased to welcome 2 new variants namely Magnum Pink and Magnum Black to its ever-growing list of ice cream flavours. These 2 upcoming frozen ice creams, which come in 2 distinct colours, are carefully crafted to suit the different sides of a person’s personality and projected at different moments in a day.


Ahead of the anticipated debut of the 2 exciting new flavours, Pleasure Seekers and members of the media including us were invited to an extraordinary journey of taste through an exclusive molecular gastronomic experience at Magnum Kuala Lumpur.

Held in an intimate and exclusive setting, the session was started with Magnum Moodology, a fun mood/personality test specially created to help Pleasure Seekers discover their 
Magnum Mood Colour of the Moment.

Magnum Pink and Black Website

Guests were then introduced to the spectacular art of molecular gastronomy by renowned restaurateur Chef Isadora Chai.

Through a casual chat, Isadora disclosed how Magnum Pink and Magnum Black’s representation of the different human moods and personalities inspired her to create 2 desserts that beautifully epitomise the traits.

Using the molecular culinary technique, her demonstration featured a host of exotic ingredients that were paired with Magnum’s iconic indulgence, the exquisitely rich taste of the world renowned Belgian chocolate, and the new star, Africa’s highly treasured Tanzanian chocolate that is derived from the prized cacaos harvested from Equatorial African soil.

Isadora Chai at Magnum Pink and Black Pre-Launch Event

During the pre-launch event, Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head of Ice Cream, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd, said:


Tanzanian Chocolate is an exotic chocolate that originates from Tanzania. They are exceptionally well known for their dark chocolate as they give a strong and elegant chocolate taste with some bitterness and a gentle acidity.

Some even say that it is complex but well balanced, with a nice finished taste! Belgian Chocolate, as most of us know, is one of the finest chocolate, born to be indulged by the royalties. It is unique due to the quality of ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls,” he added.

Isadora Chai and Shawn Tan at Magnum Pink and Black Event

With this inspiration in mind, Chef Isadora presented 2 special dishes incorporating both major and up-and-coming stars of Magnum with a dash of exquisite ingredients such as Pomegranate and Espresso.

For the Magnum Pink exclusive dessert, the union of Belgian chocolate and pomegranate evokes the fun, flirty yet cheeky personality. As for Magnum Black, confidence, elegance and utmost sophistication are the traits of a more nuanced espresso and Tanzanian chocolate combination.

Magnum Ice Cream continued to seal its unparalleled reputation as the world’s purveyor of premium ice cream and chocolate by bringing their chocolate expertise to ice cream lovers across the world through diverse flavours and sizes.

The 2 most anticipated variants will be officially launched come March 2016. The launch will mark another Magnum milestone and consumers will be able to savour the ultimate taste of premium chocolate and ice cream through roadshows, digital contests, and in-store promotions.

To discover more on Magnum Pink and Magnum Black and your Magnum Mood Colour of the Moment, please visit www.MagnumPinkandBlack.com.my. Don’t forget to follow Magnum Malaysia’s official Facebook page and Instagram page for live updates.

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