Remember when Disney and deadmau5 had a very public spat last year over some mouse trademark issues? Oh, you know, the one that resulted in deadmau5 hitting Disney back with a C&D letter? Well, it looks like trouble might just be brewing in good ol’ mau5ville again.

It has come to our attention that Disney’s R&D department recently commissioned an LED mouse head from Polish design firm PanGenerator. Meet Mickeyphon.


Doesn’t this high tech orb with big mouse ears look familiar? Doesn’t it scream “mau5head!” to you?


PanGenerator’s mouse “device” is designed to visualise on its front area or “face” any music it hears with lights and patterns. The creators call it “an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture,
inspired by Mickey Mouse, created for Disney”.

As soon as the Mickeyphon hears music, it responds by turning in the direction of the sound and mapping it visually on its “face” with flashing lights in rhythmic patterns and moving pixels. We’re not sure what Disney or PanGenerator is intending to use it for but we gotta say that it is pretty cool.

Watch the demo video below:

Now we wait for deadmau5 to see this and respond to it. It won’t be long now.

Sources: SlashGear, PanGenerator’s Facebook page, Your EDM, Gizmodo.

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