If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, then you must’ve tried or have at least seen the popular “gai daan tsai” aka egg waffle.

Hong Kong’s popular egg waffle snack (which can also be eaten as dessert) is as iconic as other famed Hong Kong street snacks such as the turmeric-yellow curry fishballs or stinky tofu.

Source: travel.cnn.com
Source: travel.cnn.com

But don’t worry, this is neither spicy nor stinky.


Made with eggs, sugar, flour, and light evaporated milk, the batter is poured into a special iron skillet that resembles the traditional checked European waffle press, resulting in a bunch of small circular balls.

And yes, when it’s “done”/cooked, it does look like a piece of oversized bubble wrap!

Source: wowamazing.com
Source: wowamazing.com

The egg waffle has stood the test of time although nobody really knows its origins. One theory is that the enterprising post-war generation created the egg-shaped mould to make up for an eggless batter, as eggs used to be a luxury.

Luckily for Malaysians, we won’t have to fly all the way to Hong Kong to get a taste of it because the good people from Eggu have brought it to Malaysia 🙂

Eggu Dessert
Credit: Jacqueline Ng

They have gone above and beyond just serving the snack on its own because their versions include softserve ice-cream and popcorn, and both.

According to Eggu, it’s the best “eggettes” you will ever taste and it’s easy to see why. The company promises that they’re mindful of their desserts as all their ingredients for their special recipes are imported. On top of that, Eggu claims that their special recipes can help decrease bad cholesterol too.

Source: orangelkm.com

They’ve got quite a few “Crispy Eggettes” flavours such as original (of course), choco chips, butterscotch, green tea, charcoal, and banana. The Crispy Eggettes are priced at RM7.90 a pop.


Eggu also sells premium softserve ice-cream which is all the rage these days – banana choc, pinky milk, natural milk, twist, and premium dark. Prices vary.

And if you’d like to “go big” with your Eggu dessert, then opt for their fusion treats! The star of the show is the “Eclipse”, a combo of the “eggettes” and the premium softserve ice-cream. The 2 other combos that you should try are the “Thunder” and “Ladybird” combos. At your own time, no pressure really.

Eggu Atria Mall

Be right back, going to go get our Eggu fix 😉

Eggu is located at Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For more information, visit their Facebook page / Featured image courtesy of Jacqueline Ng.

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