Uh oh. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology founder and advertising man Lim Kok Wing has landed himself in “a bit of a pickle”.

Barely 24 hours after English entertainer David Bowie’s death, Lim Kok Wing posted up a tweet in “expression” of an opinion that he had of David Bowie, saying that he never understood the singer’s style. More or less.

The above tweet drew ire of netizens as well as David Bowie fans, as they all found it ironic and somewhat disrespectful coming from a founder of a creative university.

Many Twitter users have slammed (and continue to slam) him for his remark, hurling every insult imaginable in his way and ultimately chiding him for not showing respect to the recently deceased music legend. And from what we know (according to their Facebook rants), these said Twitter users were effectively blocked from Lim Kok Wing’s Twitter account.

David Bowie Transformation

That having said, there were also some Twitter users who were kind and patient enough to describe in detail David Bowie’s contributions to not only music but also fashion/style and trends, as well as his influence on the entertainment industry. And explained that there probably not one performer in the world that hasn’t been inspired by him.

The Twitter “shitstorm” lasted for more than a day. Understandably. While we personally thought that it was fine for Lim Kok Wing to have an opinion about David Bowie (we all have opinions or non opinions about some artistes at some point of our lives) what we didn’t understand was his need to post this follow-up tweet:

Okay now, what was he trying to insinuate there? 😡

Source: Lim Kok Wing’s Twitter.

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