“Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”

Wait, who is Bill? We don’t know but apparently, he’s all the rage on the interwebs today.

Be Like Bill
Source: facebook.com/OfficialBLB

It started when we stumbled upon the #BelikeBill hashtag on Twitter a little earlier today, before taking notice that it was kicking off on Facebook too. After which, quick search on Google landed us on Wiki-How’s “14 Best Be Like Bill Memes of All Time“.


Really, it’s nothing more than “just another Internet meme” featuring the repeated use of a stick figure using a computer/wearing a beanie. The only difference is that each meme comes with a quote about “smart” behaviour.

Source: facebook.com/OfficialBLB
Source: facebook.com/OfficialBLB

According to Know Your Meme, the meme first showed up on forums like Reddit and Funnyjunk sometime in October last year. On the official Facebook page, “Be like Bill” is categorised as an “Artist” although it doesn’t look like much thought or creativity needs to be put into making one “Be like Bill” artwork.

It is also not known who’s behind it but perhaps it’s someone really named Bill who has a strange fixation for logic, #firstworldproblems, and social issues. The single-pane stick figure illustration since gone on to spawn “Be like Bill” comics in other languages such as Spanish (Sé Como José) and Italian (Sii Come Bill), as well as parody ones e.g. Be like Billu, Don’t Be Like Bill, and Be like Sid.

Want more? Check out the photo gallery here.

Oh, one more thing. The “Be like Bill” admins are also open to publishing your personal “Be like Bill” thoughts too, if you’d like to send them in. Got any good ones? Send it to the Be like Bill Facebook page 🙂

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