Robin Hood: Origins” has finally found its Little John in Jamie Foxx.

He joins “Kingsman: The Secret Service” star Taron Egerton, who plays Robin Hood, and Eve Hewson, who is cast as Maid Marian in the Lionsgate’s revamp tale about a heroic outlaw who robs the rich and gives it to the poor.

Jamie Foxx
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

In the original folklore tale, Little John was Robin’s right-hand man. This reincarnation of Little John, however, with start out not trusting Robin as both stood on opposing sides of the Crusades. But like all Robin Hood stories, they will eventually join forces as comrades.


The plot is as follows:

“Robin is a soldier who returns home from the Crusades, only to find his beloved Sherwood Forest has been overrun by corruption and evil. He puts together a band of outlaws to fight back, becoming the hero Sherwood Forest deserves and/or needs.”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s own production company, Appian Way, is producing the project while Otto Bathurst is the film’s director.

Source: Slash Film

Filming is expected to be start this fall and “Robin Hood: Origins” is scheduled to be release in 2017.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Coming Soon.

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