Elves, epic quests, and human-hybrids. That is basically “The Shannara Chronicles” in a nutshell.

Add a little magic and some blood thirsty demons to the mix, and cue the “Lord Of The Rings” flashbacks.

Source: MTV

MTV’s new epic fantasy 10 episode series is based on Terry Brooks’ best selling fantasy novel – The Elfstones Of Shannara.


Since the story was published back in 1982, executive producer Miles Millar explained that it was necessarily to make some changes to the story and its characters in order to keep it fresh.

He said,“Obviously the book is 20 years old. There are some changes but if you are a die hard fan, you’ll still have plenty to love and you’ll see the book you loved as a kid or teenager come to life.”

The official synopsis from MTV is as follows:

Set thousands of years in our future, the story follows three heroes, Amberle, an Elvin Princess, Eretria, a Human Rover, and Wil, a Half-Elf, Half-Human, as they embark on a quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying our world.

The elf-human allies in the story is played by trio Brit Poppy Drayton as Amberle, American Austin Butler as Wil, and Spaniard Ivana Baquero as Eretria. “Lord Of The Rings” star John Rhys-Davies also appears as the elven king Eventine while “Hobbit” actor Manu Bennett plays druid Allanon in the show.

As a bonus, MTV has even uploaded the 2-part-premiere on their YouTube for fans to watch. How generous!




“The Shannara Chronicles” is currently showing on MTV.

For more updates, hit up their Facebook page or visit their website.

Sources: Nerdist, Entertainment Weekly.

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