In between touring the w-o-r-l-d and blowing the socks off scores of Swifties around the globe, Tay Tay found some time to put on an intimate show despite her busy schedule.

On 30th September 2015, Taylor Swift celebrated her attendance record-breaking exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum, with a private performance at the Clive Davis Theatre.

Taylor Swift GRAMMY Museum


Unlike her shiny “1989 World Tour” that’s coupled with a crazy production and an entourage of dancers, she’s dressed down in just a black outfit and is standing on a small stage, before a small audience. We could be biased but we don’t know anyone else off the top of our heads who, accompanied by just an electric guitar, can rock the song the way Tay Tay does. Because this girl has pure talent.

Watch Tay Tay perform a stripped down version of “Wildest Dreams” off her 5th studio album, “1989“:

You probably already have, ten times over, but watch the “Wildest Dreams” music video here. Again. If you’d like to 🙂

For more information about the GRAMMY Museum’s programs and exhibits, visit their website.

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