Our Malaysian professional motorsport athlete (aherm, a female, mind you) has done it again.

Remember a time last year when Leona Chin dressed up as a nerdy, unlicensed driver to take lessons from her driving instructors? Remember how she frustrated her instructors as she feigned “blurness”, leading them to think that she was completely hopeless before she sprung on them with her mad drifting skillz?

Remember how she made international headlines for that stunt?


Leona Chin Mitsubishi Triton

She could be well on her way to doing so once again!

Filmed by MaxMan.TV, a digital entertainment platform that features daring public stunts, social experiments, and outrageous pranks, also the same team behind Leona Chin’s previous prank, this new video focuses on the new Mitsubishi Triton.

In the 4-minute long video, Leona plays a shy and seemingly “inexperienced” sales girl named Cheryl on her first day at work. Of course, the trick is for “Cheryl” sound like she doesn’t know the first thing about cars, enough for one of the customers to cockily say to her:

You know how to handle this car? This is a man’s car you know.

Ooh. Talk about messing with the wrong girl. That was her cue to take him (and the others) for a ride. Literally.

Watch the absolutely hilarious prank video below:


By the way, did anyone catch the 0:55, 1:07, and 1:17 marks where the guy was totally hitting on Leona? Bet he felt thoroughly schooled after!

And seriously though.

Leona Chin Mitsubishi Triton Phantom

What about you? Do you think you would’ve been half as scared? Would you have thrown up if you were in a similar position as any of the unlucky lucky dudes in the video? Let us know in the comments below.

For more information on MaxMan.TV, hit up their website or their Facebook page.

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