Photos of a male motorist pointing his middle finger to the driver behind him after cutting queue at a toll plaza near Sunway have gone viral.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 27th December), a Facebook user named Neysa Anwar took to her account to share her unpleasant encounter. “This man really selfish and no manners,” she wrote.


In her post, she stated that the man cut queue and after honking at him, he stepped out of his car and showed his middle finger to her. “Other cars behind me honked at him as well,” she added. As at time of writing, Anwar’s post has been shared over 20,000 times and has gained over 13,000 likes.

Apparently, Anwar is not the first person to encounter the man. According to some of the comments, others have met him on the road before.

“This guy did the same thing to my colleague. He cut lane abruptly and when my colleague honked, he showed the middle finger,” said a Facebook user named Chia.

Source: Neysa Anwar's Facebook
Source: Neysa Anwar’s Facebook

Many netizens claimed that the man is an employee of Sangkaya, a Malaysian ice cream brand, after closely analysing his lanyard. Some netizens even commented on Sangkaya’s official page, asking for an apology or statement.

While a majority favoured Anwar’s side of the story, some defended the man, saying that he must have his reasons to cut the long toll queue. The man, who is identified as East Ramadhani Zainudin, claimed that he had to switch lanes due to insufficient funds on his Touch N’ Go.

Source: Blogammar
Source: Blogammar

What do you think about the incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sources: Neysa Anwar’s Facebook, Bloggammar.

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