Earlier this week, it was announced that “Fargo” star Patrick Wilson was cast as the evil half-brother to Arthur Curry in director James Wan’s upcoming “Aquaman” film.

Internet fan-art extraordinaire Boss Logic has come up with a new piece from his photoshop collection, giving fans a glimpse of what the 43-year-old actor might look like when he’s fully suited up in his costume.

aquaman orm
Source: Boss Logic

Orm is Aquaman’s sibling who typically goes by the name of Ocean Master. In case you didn’t know, this Atlantean is one of DC’s newer characters. Although he was first introduced in the 1960s, Orm’s background and abilities have gone through a couple of changes over the years. His character was rebooted to make it so he was the 2nd son of Queen Atlanna and a descendant of Orin.


As Angie Han wrote, sometimes he’s fully human, sometimes he’s not, sometimes he has special powers, sometimes he doesn’t. But one thing remains – you can always expect the Ocean Master to resent Aquaman and battle him for supremacy. The fact that there’s plenty of drama between the King of Atlantis and his half-brother, inevitably draws comparison between Marvel’s own sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki.

Source: Hobby Consolas

As of now, we’re not sure if Ocean Master is meant to replace Black Manta or if “Aquaman” will have 2 villains in the movie. Perhaps we could see Ocean Master and Black Manta teaming up to take down Aquaman?

Aquaman will be appearing in “Justice League“, which comes out on 17th November 2017, followed by his solo movie on 5th October 2018.

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