Twitter fans, guess what? You can now broadcast live video from within your Twitter app (for iOS and Android).

The microblogging platform officially announced today (Thursday, 15th December) that they’ve finally rolled out the much needed update by integrating with its live video app, Periscope.

Twitter Live Broadcast
Source: The Verge

How to broadcast, you ask?


All you need to do is click to compose a tweet and tap the “Live” button which opens a pre-broadcast screen. From there, you can frame your shot before starting your video. When you’re ready, hit “Go Live” to launch the live stream.

Powered by Periscope, Twitter’s broadcast function allows viewers of the live video on Twitter to interact with the broadcaster/creator through comments and hearts. Users will be able to receive live video notifications for certain people by following said person on Twitter.

Also, live videos created from Twitter will appear on both Twitter and Periscope, and users will be able to search for live videos created on either app through’s web player. But unlike Periscope, which is a standalone app, the live function is built in to the Twitter app. So you don’t need to download another app to use it.

Note: Twitter previously integrated a Periscope button to their app but all it does is redirect you to Periscope or the app store to download it.

Of course, this will essentially help Twitter go up against Facebook, which rolled out its live video feature earlier this year. But we’re not sure how this will help Periscope in a long run. Goodbye Periscope?

Twitter Go Live
Source: Twitter

Twitter’s live video broadcast feature has been rolled out globally starting today on both iOS and Android.

Source: Twitter.

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