It’s a “Mystery” how Hyoyeon has managed to hide her lethal side from the public for 9 years.

But not anymore.

The SNSD Girls’ Generation dancer released the music video for her first ever solo track, “Mystery“, at midnight today (Friday, 2nd December), and it shows off a fierce and sultry side of the rapper. The track was also released as SM Station’s 43rd track.

Source: SM Station's Instagram
Source: SM Station’s Instagram

As the girl group rarely shows off this kind of concept, fans are going in a frenzy over Hyoyeon’s badassery shown in the video. The track, which is extremely catchy, has also been described as a song which contains “exotic sound and seductive lyrics”.

However, what captured the attention of fans most was the rapper’s strong and sharp dance moves. Hours before the release of the music video, Hyoyeon revealed the choreography of the dance through a V App broadcast, which she pulled off even while wearing high heels!

Similarly, the music video focuses on the dancer’s flexibility and capabilities, while giving off a mysterious and hypnotic vibe. Her nimble moves were not the only thing that endeared her to fans, as her rap break was also surprisingly captivating.

Watch Hyoyeon unleash her badass dance moves here:

The artiste is also slated to go on SBS’ “Inkigayo” for approximately 2 weeks as a special promotion for her track.

For more info, visit SM Station’s official Instagram and to keep yourself up-to-date with Hyoyeon’s whereabouts, remember to stalk her Instagram.

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