Mention ride-hailing services and these 2 apps come to mind – Uber and Grab. Since the launch of these services, the transportation industry in Southeast Asia has benefited many riders with cheaper rides.

But which one is the cheaper form of transportation? In an effort to put this matter to rest, online shopping aggregator iPrice has compiled a new study, comparing the costs of transportation between Uber, Grab, and local taxis for 6 countries across Southeast Asia.

Click to enlarge (Source: iPrice)

Based on the infograph above, the data is divided into 2 categories: short and long rides (5km and 20km respectively), while excluding surge pricing and discounted fares for fairer calculation. Turns out, the cheapest mode of transportation depends on where you go and how far you travel.


In Malaysia, Grab was found to be the cheapest option for the 5km (shorter distance) category with a price of USD1.8 (RM8), as compared to Uber (RM8.20) and taxis (RM10.20). On the other hand, Uber is more efficient during longer distance (20km), costing approximately USD5.10 (RM22.70) as compared to Grab at USD6.60 (RM28.90).

Oh, and unsurprisingly, regular taxis are way more expansive than either Uber or Grab in all South East Asian countries.

Source: Vietnam Business

For those that are unaware, here are the latest promotions for Uber and Grab:

  • Uber: Rides to/from KLIA or KLIA2 at only RM60 (until 31st December)
  • Grab: Flat Rate Promo from KL to Melaka (RM20) or Penang (RM40)

Source: iPrice.

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