Imagine having 7 handsome oppas flanking you every single day, all vying for your first kiss. Just thinking about it makes every single K-Drama fangirl out there blush.

Lotte Duty Free Shop is introducing a new web-drama, “7 First Kisses” (첫키스만 일곱번째) with that exact plot, and the best thing is, 7 of the hottest Hallyu celebrities will be starring in it 😉

Source: Lotte Duty Free's Facebook
Source: Lotte Duty Free’s Facebook

Wonder who they are? Well, we’ll let you in on the secret 😉


“The Legend Of The Blue Sea” star Lee Min Ho, “W – Two Worlds” actor Lee Jong Suk, EXO’s Kai, “Cheese In The Trap” lead Park Hae Jin, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” actor Lee Jun Ki, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and “The K2″‘s Ji Chang Wook will be starring in the film. Alongside them are actresses Lee Choi Hee and Choi Ji Woo, who will be portraying the main female lead Min Soo Jin and a “goddess of multiple fate” respectively.

In a teaser released yesterday (Monday, 28th November) night, we see Lee as an innocent and clueless character who hasn’t had her first kiss yet. A goddess then appears out of nowhere and promises that she’ll meet a “great guy” in the very near future. The clip then introduces the 7 knights in shining armours, and explains a little about their characters.

Enjoy the trailer:

Awww, our hearts are already fluttering! We can’t wait for the release of the drama 😀

“7 First Kisses” is slated for release through Naver TV Cast every Monday and Thursday at 10pm KST (9pm Malaysian time) from 5th December until 5th January 2017.

UPDATE (5th December):

Gosh, it feels like we’ve been waiting for this day since forever. Finally, the first “7 First Kisses” episode has been released! The 9-minute odd long clip officially introduces us to Lee Cho Hee, a LOTTE Duty Free employee.

7 First Kisses


We immediately hear her whine to herself about celebrating her 25th birthday alone. “Since birth single, 25 years old and never been kissed. I wish I could have a great boyfriend before I die,” she says to herself.

Well, her wish is about to be granted, thanks to a seraphim (angelic being) with higher powers played by Choi Ji Woo (of “Winter Sonata” fame). No spoilers!

Check out the first episode:

Watch the rest here as the web drama unfolds 😉

For more info, visit LOTTE Duty Free’s official website and Facebook page.

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