We’ve heard of horror stories involving ride-hailing services such as Grab and Uber, and several unsuspecting preys have fallen victim to these schemes.

Lucky for Facebook user Jern Siong, his alertness might have saved him from being a potential victim of a robbery plan from a Grab driver.

Source: Jern Siong's Facebook
Source: Jern Siong’s Facebook

According to the victim, he booked a ride with a Grab driver, but after waiting for 10 minutes, he got suspicious as the “vehicle never moved at all on the map”. He sent a message to the driver, but instead, received a completely unexpected reply.


He related:

I got a call from a Malay lady telling me she was outside yesterday, and when I queried she just said, ‘Oh yes that guy sent me to pick you up.’ When pressed further she said she would call the 1st guy to confirm. At that point I hung up, made the report to Grab, and cancelled the ride.

Jern Siong also explained that the person who called even asked for the amount of passengers, “like he wanted to be sure I was easy to rob or something”.

He also emphasized that he’s sharing his experience with the public as Grab did not seem to warn the public. However, netizens commented that Grab’s replies were commendable as they prioritised their customer’s safety and well-being.

The conversation between Jern Siong and Grab is as follows:

If you ever meet in a similar situation, Jern Siong’s advice was to not get in the car, but instead, to take a screenshot of the driver’s details, the alternate driver’s details, and contact the relevant company immediately. We agree with his advice, and urge all readers to remain alert and vigilant before boarding the car of a stranger.

Source: Jern Siong’s Facebook.

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