During peak hours, the LRT is usually flooded with people going to work or going home, making it hard to have any personal space on the train.

Unfortunately for a woman named Syima, a man tried to sexually harassed her by rubbing his “willy” on her body. She took to Facebook to post up a status detailing the said pervert to warn other female LRT patrons.

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Source: The Star

Syima claimed that the man, who was wearing a pair of glasses and a grey tee, rubbed his crotch on her body when the train stopped at Jalan Universiti station. According to her, the man got off the train at Bangsar station. She also managed to take 2 clear photos of the suspect.


“But I’m so, so proud of myself. Because I shouted and screamed right to his face. I even yelled out to all the ladies in the LRT to be careful and avoid standing close to him,” she said, adding that she was disappointed that no one came forward to help her.

You can read her full post here:

At the end of her post, Syima urged all women to be extra cautious and said, “Sexual assault is a violation – both physically and emotionally. It hurts on all levels. Take action and protect yourself, please”.

Apparently, she is not the first victim to run into such an unpleasant experience. Another Facebook user known as Tutie commented that she came contact with the same man before. Tutie wrote (translation), “Yes…this devil also did (the same thing) in Go KL Bus (from Jalan Raja Chulan to Pavilion). It happened to me but I managed to keep a distance. Then he made a blur face and pretended like nothing happened. Good job to you Syima ?????? Let the world know about this”.

Source: Syima's Facebook post
Source: Syima’s Facebook post

As at time of writing, Syima’s post has been shared over 1,900 times. Help spread this to your family and friends who frequently use public transportation so that they’re aware of this pervert as well.

Source: Syima’s Facebook page.

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