Anna Kendrick for Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin? Why not!

In a recent interview with MTV alongside her “The Accountant” co-star Ben Affleck (also known as Batman), Kendrick jokingly dressed up as the famed boy wonder and tried to convinced Affleck to cast her in his upcoming superhero movie, “The Batman”, to which the actor replied, “I’m not even sure if we’re gonna have a Robin so, tough luck!”

Source: Screen Rant
Source: Screen Rant

Soon after the interview was released, Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello took to Instagram to show his support for Kendrick being Robin.


The post shows Manganiello and Kendrick posing side by side and in his caption, he wrote, “#Deathstroke and #Robin”.

Much to fans’ delight, BossLogic used the actor’s latest social media post to bring Kendrick’s version of Robin into life. And we have to say, the “Trolls” actress looks badass af.

Source: Boss Logic's Twitter
Source: Boss Logic’s Twitter

Fans are suggesting that maybe the 31-year-old actress could take up the role of Stephanie Brown (aka The Spoiler), who served as Robin and Batgirl for a some time, or Barbara Gordon. If she joins the DCEU, of course.

Best known for her role as Beca Mitchell in the “Pitch Perfect” series, Anna Kendrick is currently starring in “The Accountant” and DreamWorks’ “Trolls”. She previously tweeted about playing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl, which also gained a lot of support from fans.

Sources: Screen Rant (1), (2), comicbook.

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