Are you ready? Cause it’s morphin time!

The first official trailer for the upcoming “Power Rangers” movie was released over the weekend, and by the looks of it, these new Rangers mean serious business.

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Source: Lionsgate

The remake of Saban Entertainment’s classic ’90s TV series is clearly going for less silliness, and more edginess. The new trailer doesn’t really show us the Power Rangers in action (except a short glimpse of Jason morphing into the Red Ranger at the end), instead, it focuses on character development.


We see Jason as an outgoing jock type who comes from a troubled background. Kimberly aka Pink Ranger is being teased by her fellow classmates and subsequently decides to chop off her long hair. Zack, the Black Ranger, is shown climbing onto the school rooftop, giving us the impression that he’s a loner with an extreme sports/athletic background.

While Trini, the Yellow Ranger, comes off as an edgy smart-ass, Billy, the Blue Ranger, on the other hand, is a school nerd who often gets bullied. For the most part, the trailer establishes these youngsters as actual teenagers with real problems and insecurities.

Source: Lionsgate

When they stumbled upon a strange alien phenomenon, they discover these supernatural crystals called Power Coins, which give them a unique set of abilities (think: super strength and kung-fu mastery).

As aforementioned, we might not see much of the Power Rangers in their suits, but we do get to see Elizabeth Banks in all of her Rita Repulsa glory. Rita in the TV series was usually more of a distant treat, only attacking Earth through the monsters she sends down. But here, the villain isn’t afraid to interact with the heroes themselves.


UPDATE (9th December, 11am):

A new “Power Rangers” poster is here and this time, it focuses on our heroes’ robot companions, Zords. Though the mysterious poster doesn’t give us a clear view of the giant robots, we think it did a good job drumming in interest.

Source: Comic Book
Source: Comic Book

Besides that, the studios also dropped a new photo of Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa on Twitter, accompanied by a very Repulsa-ish caption.

“Thought you saw the last of me!? Ignoramus, you thought wrong. I have glorious catastrophic plans for the holiday season,” the caption reads.

Source: Collider
Source: Collider


UPDATE (20th January, 11am):

While the first trailer for “Power Rangers” was somewhat dull and overly serious, the 2nd clip didn’t fare much better when it gave us a better glimpse of our young heroes in their everyday lives.

The new trailer, however, fully embraces the super-powered mania of “Power Rangers”, and it’s slowly shaping up to be the “Power Rangers” we were always meant to have. Once we see these teens morph, we’re treated to bright, colourful action scenes.

Check it out:

We’re still giddy with excitement over the climactic battle between Goldar and Megazord. Let’s hope the reboot will be as good as this latest trailer suggests.

Directed by Dean Israelite, “Power Rangers” is expected to reach cinemas on 24th March 2017.

Sources: MTV, Screen Rant, Collider, Comic Book, io9.

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