Gorillaz marks their return with mysterious teaser photos and videos.

On 3rd October (Monday), Gorillaz took to their official Instagram to share a few photos and videos, all in the name of their upcoming album release.

Source: Gorillaz
Source: Gorillaz

The teasers chronicle the adventure of Noodle, a Japanese guitarist and Gorillaz band member. The first photo was titled “The Book Of Noodle”, and the subsequent teasers were either gifs or still photos telling the story of Noodle and a demon named Mazuu.


The tale starts with Noodle being washed up ashore a strange Japanese village after an attack on Plastic Beach. She was injured, but fortunately, was nursed back to health by an old pearl diver named Chiyoko. Indebted to her, Noodle took on an apprenticeship from the Chiyoko.

One day, while looking for pearls, Noodle accidentally unleashed a demon of unearthly proportions. Taking it on herself to destroy the demon, Noodle travelled across Japan in search of Mazuu.

Wanna know if Noodle managed to defeat Mazuu? Read the full story here.

Source: Gorillaz
Source: Gorillaz

We don’t have a release date or further details about Gorillaz’s upcoming album, but hopefully, the 12 teasers posted on their Instagram is a sign that good things are heading our way soon.

For more info, visit Gorillaz’s official website and Facebook page.

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