We haven’t heard about H-Artistry in a while now so imagine our excitement when we first heard that the party is making a comeback this year!

Slated to be held next month (8th October) at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Mines Resort City, H-Artistry 2016 will see shows from a stellar line-up which includes R&B songstress Tinashe, American trap DJ/producer Crizzly, Malaysia’s very own modern rock band Mad August, and sexy South Korean idol with all the right moves HyunA (현아).

HA Official Artwork


H-Artistry 2016 is also all set to impress as 4 local up-and-coming Malaysian talents – Angel Ng (bartender of PS150), Andrew Tan (co-founder of HYDE), Hugh Koh (co-founder of Pestle & Mortar), and Jun Ong (light artist and architect) – have been engaged to customise the event.

But let’s cut to the chase. To amp you up for the invite-only party, we’ve compiled a list of things you probably never knew about H-Artistry 2016. Check it:

1. Tinashe


A mover and a shaker in the music industry, breakout star Tinashe may have already cinched a couple of awards and nominations for her work, but she didn’t always have it easy. Growing up, the rising star faced bullying from her peers. “I actually did get bullied a lot in school. I went to public school until 9th grade and had a pretty bad experience,” Tinashe said. Well, that girl be killin’ it right now so we say let them bullies be haters. We can’t wait to see her work it at H-Artistry 2016 😉

2. DJ Crizzly

Source: thefuture.fm
Source: thefuture.fm

Not only is DJ Crizzly (real name Christopher Lee Marshal) the master of the crunkstep scene (a sound that he mastered years ago after playing around with a drum pedal while bored on a cold, winter day), he’s also quite the visionary. In fact, in 2011, he co-founded 2 EDM club nights in San Antonio: Lifted Wednesdays at the Ivy Rooftop, and Play Thursdayzz at Club Rio. “Lifted is a crazy party that me and my friends started earlier this summer. After being in the San Antonio scene for a while, and traveling from city to city for a sec, I realised there was one big thing missing. The scene has been dead for the last decade, and the most we got is the occasional Tiesto show. What we needed was something consistent that people can be a part of, so I started the weekly in hopes to build something,” he told IndyMojo in 2011.

3. Angel Ng


Angel Ng PS150

A bartender with an abundance of tricks up her sleeve, Angel Ng has quickly made a name for herself in the bartending scene in the recent year. She’s also the co-founder and head bartender of PS150, a sneaky (read: hard to locate) cocktail bar with heavy Southeast Asian influence that will transport you from pre-prohibition to contemporary era. As the “head honcho” of PS150, she ensures that their cocktail menu stays exciting and enticing by switching it up every 3 months. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from Angel for this year’s H-Artistry!

4. Hugh Koh


One of the most notable creative entrepreneurs of our time, Hugh Koh is best known for spearheading Malaysian street fashion brand “Pestle & Mortar” together with Mark, Arnold, and Arthur. Considering the success that the brand has achieved, one would be pleasantly surprised to find that it was, in fact, the brainchild of a simple “for fun” discussion over a “yum cha” session between a few friends. What’s even more surprising is that they all come from different, non fashion-related backgrounds i.e. Hugh comes from an architecture background. Who knew that something that they came up with on a whim could see such fame? By their powers combined, we bet!

5. Mad August

Mad August

When they say, “Mad”, they don’t actually mean mad. You see, “Mad” is an abbreviation of “Make A Difference”, because the band believes that everyone can make a difference in life, even with the least of strengths. And that’s what “Mad August” have set out to do with their modern rock/emo rock-styled music, as it is a manifestation of their ideology. Truly an independent body, they’re a self-owned rock band that isn’t signed with any labels. Hence, they produce their own music and manage their own events and business. Solid!

6. Jun Ong


You may not recognise him by name but you’d most likely recognise him by his work from a mile away – unless, of course, you’ve been living under a large rock somewhere with no access to social media. Jun Ong studied architecture at the University of Westminster in London and at the University of Melbourne. Today, he’s a Kuala Lumpur-based architect and artist best known for his obsession with materiality – coupling low-tech materials with hi-tech application primarily with artificial light. One of his more popular installations to date is the “Star“, a beautiful piece that lit up Hin Bus Depot in Penang for Urban Xchange 2015. He’s going to add a whole lot of shine and splendour to this year’s H-Artistry, that’s for sure!

7. Andrew Tan


Andrew Tan is a mixologist by profession and the co-owner of popular breakfast/brunch haunt The Good Batch. He’s also responsible for HYDE, a hidden bar above The Good Batch that is greatly inspired by the speakeasy establishments from New York’s 1920s Prohibition Era. His expertise? Ensuring that there are nothing but artisanal cocktails on HYDE’s menu, which changes every fortnight. For H-Artistry 2016, he will be given the freedom to customise the event. As such, the possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to savour the creation of a mixologist who has such an interesting roster of drinks in his resume.

8. HyunA

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

Last but not least, the sexy K-Pop idol with all the right verses and all the right moves. The former rapper of K-Pop idol girl group 4Minute and one half of the daring musical duo TroubleMaker, HyunA is known for pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules of the average K-Pop artiste. Despite first debuting as one of the first 5 original members of Wonder Girls, “Bubble Pop!”, she is not. She describes her solo career as “performance-oriented music”, so believe us when we say that she’s going to sizzle and set the stage on fire come H-Artistry 2016.


H-Artistry 2016 Live Stream

Now, the true star of the show is the H-Artistry 2016 live stream! Yes, we’ve saved the best for last 😉 For the first time ever, the event can be viewed by fans from far and wide. Even if you’re not physically there, you’ll be able to catch the electrifying performances from Tinashe, HyunA, DJ Crizzly, Mad August, and be a part of the crowd, all from the comfort of your own homes. So block off 8pm onwards on 8th October 2016 for the H-Artistry 2016 live stream. Don’t say we didn’t share!

For more information on H-Artistry 2016, visit www.h-artistry.com.my.

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