Prior to watching “The Secret Life of Pets”, we were expecting it to be stellar. A movie involving pets (psst, we’re huge pet lovers by the way) – what could go wrong?

Well, the answer is nothing.

The movie is every bit as lovable and endearing as we anticipated, and let us tell you why it would be the perfect movie to watch with your kid, or your kid cousin, or your niece/nephew.


secret life of pets

In “The Secret Life of Pets”, the human characters take a step back and allow the spotlight to shine on our beloved animal companions.

The 1-and-a-half hour movie tells the tale of a Jack Russell terrier, Max, who leads a happy life with his owner Katie. Unfortunately, his seemingly perfect life is shattered when Katie brings home Doug, a shaggy and huge dog from the pound. Having to share the love and attention of Katie, Max plots to have Doug eliminated from the house.

secret life of pets

However, their animosity causes them both to get in trouble. After getting entangled in a series of events involving a fluffy but human-hating rabbit named Snowball, Max and Doug ends up at the other side of New York.

Meanwhile, back home, Max’s friends – Gidget (a white Pomeranian), Mel (a pug), Buddy (a dachshund), Chloe (a tabby cat), Norman (a guinea pig), Sweetpea (a parakeet), and Pops (an old basset hound) – enlist the help of Tiberius, a carnivorous and vicious red-tailed hawk, to search for Max.

Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime for the domesticated animals.

secret life of pets


Yes, we all kinda knew that Doug and Max would be rescued at the end of the movie, and yes, we are aware that the story might be predictable, but the predictability didn’t stop the audience (in this case, us) from being 100% engrossed in the movie. The adorableness and likability exuded by the characters compelled us to keep our eyes glued to the screen.

From the moment the humans exited the house and the pets showed their true colours, we knew that it would be one of the better movies involving talking animals. The pets revealed their true colours – a usually silent dog turns into a headbanging rocker; a classy pet becomes a scruffy animal; and an obedient cat changes into a gluttonous eater.

The transformations were amusing, and it goes to show that your pets might not be who you thought they were 😉

secret life of pets

Our favourite character from the movie would be Tiberius, who, as we mentioned, is carnivorous, and tries to devour his “mates” at every chance he has. The end result is a very conflicted character, who tries to do good but is sometimes hindered by his natural characteristics. 

Also, let’s talk about the main character, Max. His huge watery eyes, annoyingly cute face, and soft-hearted personality made him all the more endearing to us. He might appear to hate Doug a lot, but his kind personality would not allow him ignore his enemies when they’re in trouble. 

secret life of pets

The same goes for Doug. He may appear to be selfish and annoying, but his sad backstory will explain all his motivations. Once his story is unraveled, you’ll understand what compelled him to do all the bad things he has done, and you’ll learn to forgive him for it. You won’t be the only one experiencing that, as Max will eventually learn to forgive Doug for his actions too.

The sad story of Snowball and his gang of “Flushed Pets”, who were thrown aside by their owners, also touched our hearts. They live in the sewers and the gang comprises of a huge amount of animals; which is hardly surprising, considering how many pets are abandoned per day. Hating domesticated pets and humans, they plot to destroy humanity and their animal counterparts who seek comfort from humans. Determined to carry out their evil plan, Snowball and his sidekicks realise that all they want is to feel belonged.

secret life of pets

What’s a movie without a lesson, right?

For the young uns (and also for the adults), this movie would be the perfect example for them to not abandon their animal partners. The pets that we take home with us only want us to love and care for them. Your life might be an endless cycle of changing pets, but to the pets, you are their whole life. So, remember to always cherish your companions!

Watch the trailer below:

“The Secret Life Of Pets”, which stars Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart, opened in Malaysia cinemas on 8th September.

For more information, visit the movie’s website or Facebook page.

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