Cute song alert! SM Entertainment has finally debuted NCT Dream, the latest sub-unit of the brand NCT (엔시티, Neo Culture Technology).

The music video for the group’s first single, titled “Chewing Gum”, was released at midnight on Thursday (25th August) and honestly, we don’t know what to feel as the group has an average age of only 15.4!

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

The adolescent group consists of 7 members including Jisung, Chenle, Jeno, Haechan (from NCT 127), Mark, Renjun, and Jaemin. The boys are aged between 14-17 years old. Mark is the only member who is from both NCT 127 and NCT U.


We are not sure what kind of audience SM is aiming at, but we think that their fan base would be elementary school girls. They’re very similar to Chinese teenage boy group, TFBOYS (加油少年).

In anticipation for NCT Dream’s debut, the entertainment powerhouse released a score of teaser images:

“Chewing Gum” is a cute love song, describing a boy’s crush as a sweet, sticky chewing gum. True to their teaser images, the music video is filled with bright colours and of course, lots of sweets!

The MV is cute, but we think that it’a bit too much. Though the song is catchy, we somehow can’t seem to enjoy the video as much as we’d like to. To quote one netizen’s comment, “I stopped watching it because it feels like I’m having a crush on my nephews”.

Watch the music video and judge for yourself:

The brand NCT is a new male idol group project by SM and different groups will debut based in countries around the world. Aside from singing the same songs in different languages, they will also create tailored content for their particular markets.

What do you think of NCT Dream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


Sources: Soompi.

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