Ever since Pokemon Go was made available locally, everyone (from children, teenagers, to *gasps* even parents) have been getting busy in their quest to catch ’em all.

The augmented reality game has already taken the world by storm, and guess what, its adventuresome background soundtrack has already become grating. Rather than putting the same old classic TV theme on repeat, we’re here to suggest some super music jams to make your Pokemon experience that much more immersive, suspenseful, and action-packed.

pokemon music
Source: Chill Lol’s YouTube

Regardless if you’re trying to cover as much ground as possible in hopes of spotting some rare Pokemon, or if you currently have several Pokemon eggs that are waiting to be hatched, chances are, you’re about to do a whole lot of walking.


But hold on, do you have some sweet tunes to jam out while on the road? If you don’t, then consider yourself lucky cause here’s a killer music playlist to get you through your quest on becoming the ultimate Pokemaster. So put this playlist on, go outside, and show the world you’re the very best, like no one ever was.

1. Grimecraft – Pokebike

It’s a brand new day, the sun is shining, the Pidgeys and Spearrows are outside chirping, and you’ve just hopped on your cool bike, ready to conquer the world of Pokemon. To kick off your journey, allow San Francisco producer Grimecraft to lay down the beats for you.

Taken from Grimecraft’s Pokemon remix album, “Pokep”, “Pokebike” together with the rest of the 2013 mixtape was largely inspired by Pokemon X and Y. For those trying to recall the track’s intro, it’s actually Queen’s “Bicycle Race”.

2. Grimecraft ft. ABSRDST – Ditto

Aside from “Pokebike”, another awesome track from “Pokep” is “Ditto”. Just like the adorable light purple Pokemon, Ditto, who has the ability to transform an exact replica of any object or Pokemon, “Ditto” will have you head-bobbin’ to the tune. The dreamy tune starts off with an absolutely cute intro from Pikachu. That alone is worth hitting the replay button repeatedly.


3. Psychic Type – Pocket Monsters

As soon the music kicks in, you’re immediately transported back to the time when you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing a starter Pokemon – Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. “Pocket Monsters” is the perfect fusion between retro and trap. The track even takes it up a notch with the bass drop at 2:24 (pikaaaaaaa CHUUUUUUUUUU).

4. Psychic Type – Victory Road

Following the sick beat from “Pocket Monsters”, jam to another tune by Psychic Type. Compared to the previous track, “Victory Road” is slightly more dark and intense. There’s also a howl at 3:10 that bears resemblance to a Pokemon stadium mini-game called Sushi Go Round. To quote Kat Bein, once you leave Pallet Town, you’re walking into a world of danger.

5. 23 – Let’s go to Lavender Town

If you remember your Pokemon geography, you’d know that Lavender Town is dominated by ghost-type Pokemons. It is only appropriate that you’re accompanied by one of the creepiest tunes in the game when you’re out hunting for Pokemon at night. 23’s dubstep interpretation is insanely good.

The video, created by Mathias Schulenberg, also features a back-and-forth transition between game graphics and the TV show. Wait for Pikachu’s epic thundershock attack at 2:55. Wow!

6. Ockeroid – Pokemon GYM Battle (Remix)

Are you ready to kick some Elite Four butt or perhaps other trainers from the opposing team? Better store up sufficient potions and revives, cause you’re going to need all the help you can get when you battle gym players. You know what, just please stop. Take the badge! I said just take the badge!

7. Ramstar – Route 24

If you’ve always enjoyed the original “Nugget Bridge” theme, chances are, you might enjoy the updated version in the form of “Route 24”. For this Pokemon remix track, Spain’s DJ and producer Ramstar takes the classic tune and infuses it with speedy synth runs, turning it into an electro banger.

8. Song of Jigglypuff

Let’s face it, playing Pokemon Go, although fun, can be very tiring. You’re constantly roaming from one location to another, hitting up every Poke Stop and Gym along the way, while making sure you reach your 5km (or 10km) mark in order for your egg to hatch. So who better to sing you to sleep than the oh-so-cute JigglyPuff.

We bid you adieu as you enter Pokemon dreamland 😉

Sources: Billboard, AXS.

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