BABYz (as fans of B.A.P are lovingly known as), your boys are finally back!

After teasing fans for 2 weeks, the boy group has finally dropped their new single, “That’s My Jam”, along with the music video at 11pm last night (Sunday, 8th August).

Source: B.A.P Facebook
Source: B.A.P Facebook

The track, which was co-produced by leader Bang Yong Guk and Kim Chang Rok (producer of “Feel So Good” and “Wild & Free”), has a very heavy EDM beat to it. The catchy tune sings about partying all night and enjoying the time with their significant other.


The music video is equally as wacky and upbeat, with the group parodying and referencing various popular talk shows, music shows, and even their own music videos. The boys were shown to be having a good time throughout the music video too.

Watch the fun music video here:

The song was included in their single album, titled “Put ‘Em Up”, which consists of 2 more songs, namely “Do What I Feel” and “What Should I Say (뭐라고 할까)”. The title track was performed during “B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour Finale in Seoul” concert on 6th (Saturday) and 7th August (Sunday) as a gift for fans.

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